Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Girly Ruger 10/22?

Not posting like I should.   Weather has been up and down.  Warm one day, cold the next.   The constant changes keep my MS stirred up. 

Went to a gun show last weekend.   Picked up a  Ruger 10/22 with  a synthetic stock.   Looked for some 22LR shells, but I wanted to bring all my arms and legs back home.

My girl has been shooting her Crickett bolt action and her Rossi break action 22.   She is a pretty good shot with the Rossi.  She said the Crickett   was harder to aim with it's rear peep sight.   But on the way home from the range one day she said  "Daddy, I want a gun that shoots more than once."   The next trip I let her try my SW MP 15-22  with a red dot reflex sight.   She liked it but said it was too heavy.  So we started looking for a 10/22.   

She wanted a  wood stocked version, but when I found the wood and syn stocks next to each other, the wood stock felt a bit heavier.   

I had a spare reflex sight and put it on the Ruger.  That made my girl pretty happy.   I used a LaserLyte  bore sight to get it roughly zeroed in.    We still haven't been able to shoot it. Too much rain and cold.   

We started looking at options to pretty up the black syn stock on the 10/22.    After looking at painting the stock, she decided she wanted to DIY DipKit it. 
Ok, I should be able to do that.  But then looking at the patterns, she picked the most girly one on the website.  Spring Lily.  http://www.diydipkits.com/details.php?prodId=143  I did talk her into using the dark blue base paint.    We are going to wait until she gets out of school to attempt this project.  It is raining too much now to  work outside.  Maybe by then she will pick a different pattern.

Spring Lily

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  1. I bought my 7 year old granddaughter a Ruger American in .22. I thought about a Cricket, but decided that they are too small for her. The beauty of the American is the ability to change the butt-plate section to make it into an adult sized rifle. Uses the same magazine as a 10-22, though in a bolt action rifle. Pretty sweet.