Sunday, February 17, 2013


My first blog post on this new adventure.  This place will contain my ramblings, rants,stories about my daughter and  tales about Bobby the Bobtailed Cat.

The child  or as I sometimes call her "My Minion" is seven and a half.    She is my reason to be on this Earth.
Yesterday was a busy day.  I had bought the child a rifle, Rossi Combo  .22 LR and .410 barrels.  She has been chomping at the bit to go shoot it.   So we went to check out a local gun club, to inspect the facilities and apply for membership.  We really liked the place.  Planning our first shooting trip tomorrow, if we can find a block of time when it isn't raining.

After the shooting range trip, we had to go into town for her to have a belt ceremony for her Tae Kwon Do.  She started back last August.  This was her second advancement.  She moved up from a yellow-brown belt to a yellow-red belt.  The little girl was pretty nervous.  On the way she said  "Daddy, I have butterflies in my tummy.".    One of the tests the students had to pass to be advanced was to break a board using a front snap kick.    Most of the class took several tries to get it done, the instructor told them they had to do it or they would not get their new belts.   On the way home, my girl told me, "That made me mad when he said we had to break the board or we wouldn't get our new belts. So I kicked that board really hard.."  She got her new belt.
 After the Belt Ceremony, we had lunch and some errands, then off to her basketball game.   She is rather busy, but basketball is over next week and we can go back to twice weekly  TKD  lessons.
 I drug into the house last evening and was in bed by 7 pm.

Thanks for reading this!

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  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere, Chris. Will look forward to your posts and stories of the minion. Congrats on that new belt.