Tuesday, March 19, 2013

She says that like it is a bad thing.

"At a St. Patrick's Day breakfast in South Boston this past weekend, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) took a jab at pro-legalization Republican State Representative Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk), who is currently vying for the Republican nomination for Senate in Massachusetts's upcoming special election.

Addressing the crowd, Senator Warren said, "I advise everyone to pay very close attention to Dan Winslow's platform. He has a 100 percent ranking from the gun lobby and he's for the legalization of marijuana. He wants us armed and stoned.""


Sounds like he is a man we need in Washington.


  1. I agree. BTW, you are now linked at my place.

  2. Me too I'll add you to mine too.Good luck on your adventure and have fun.

  3. oops I just noticed you have had this up for awhile and no posts I followed you from a comment on mine.I will come back and check if you start posting again.I'll add ya then.

  4. Good catch...I hadn't seen this. I'd rather be armed and stoned....than sober and oppressed.

  5. I wonder if she had a spirit vision or something....